Friday, October 7, 2011

The Pillow Hat (Pillow Wig)

I questioned if I really wish I'd thought of this at first.. I mean, the invention is insane..
It's a pillow case with a pillow inside of it, that you wear on your head like a hat. Great for those with narcolepsy maybe? And those who want to be shunned by society even..
But then I saw these awesome pictures, taken mostly of people in parts of Asia and I decided I reeeaallly wanted one of these.
 Granted, the woman in this picture looks less than happy to be wearing her pillow, but desperate times call for desperate measures and if you are somehow able to make a living from sleeping, have never looked in a mirror or you travel to far off locations away from civilization or people who can't see, fairly often, then this invention is for you!
In the image above there is a colony of people who wear this invention and with this group you can be sure of a few things: very high or verrrry low to no self image, everyone is well rested, none of them fight for the window seat on an airplane, they all have very poor haircuts, their necks are strong and well supported at all times, they have a tough time fitting through smaller doorways and they frequently get mistaken for nuns...even the males. 
But, that being said, they all look somewhat happier than the woman in the first image, so it can't be all bad.

 It's called the Pillow Wig and was designed by Korean, Joo Youn Paek, who had the product tested by people who wore it to work, on trains, buses and various forms of transportation and she claims to have had good results from it. I'm hoping that none of these people wearing their favorite sleeping device actually drove themselves to work.

Miss Youn Paek did not make a ton of these nifty sacks so if you are looking for one for yourself, you may have to write her or visit her website here

Wish I'd Thought of That!

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